Dental Care for Your Child

Published: 10th August 2011
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Patience is a real virtue when pertaining to the dental health of your child. You have to come across dental care the moment teeth begin to emerge from your child’s gums. Such maintenance requires eagerness and perseverance as he/she is not able to do it alone yet. It is your responsibility to prevent chances of cavities and other common dental issues until your child learns to take care of his/her own teeth.

In your child’s babyhood, gums should be kept clean and free from bacteria-causing substances. Soft tissues are more prone to infection than hard tissues. When the first teeth appear, begin brushing gently using a fine-fibered toothbrush and non-fluoride toothpaste. Although fluoride is a vital element in keeping bacteria away from the teeth, it is not advisable to apply this agent to newly emerged teeth.

Switch to fluoride toothpaste when your child turns two. At that age, strictly maintain a pea-size amount of toothpaste during brushing sessions to keep the impact on the teeth minimal. Excessive fluoride may lead to fluoridation or the abnormal whitening of the teeth. Dentists in cities like Libertyville have a great deal of advice for starting parents on how to care for their children’s teeth.

After sometime, your child will learn to brush and gargle alone. Even so, it is important that you do it yourself for him/her again to make sure that every area is secured. Do not stop this routine until your child learns to do it well, usually when he/she turns six. A Libertyville dentist will suggest the brushing to be done twice a day, the second being before bedtime.

Six months after you’re the emergence of your child’s first tooth, make sure to visit a dentist to check whether the tooth is growing well, not obstructing another tooth, and if other teeth are also expected to grow healthily. If you notice a cavity prone environment where people around your child has previous cases of severe cavity leading to extraction and other necessary procedures, consult a Libertyville dentist as early as 12 months after birth.

Teach your child to floss his/her teeth well after every meal early on to prevent plaque buildup. Libertyville dentists are very particular with plaques as the culprit to most periodontal diseases. It is also important to have your child’s teeth sealed with sealants to prevent cavities, especially on the molars.

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